Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Doll Making

I am a proud member of the MSAT minidoll list. It is there that Dana the owner teaches us many things about making dolls. I do not pour the dolls nor sculpt dolls (yet) so I buy kits. I then have to assemble the dolls. Dress the dolls. And put wigs on them. The first doll, Tansy, is one of three of the bride trilogy that Dana is teaching. She was a kit I purchased from Dana. The second doll I did on my own. The doll came from Sandy Calderon, but I dressed her to match a doll a friend of mine got in Africa.

My kitties enjoy my dollmaking. They love jumping up on my desk and stealing them. They are not picky, they like them dressed, with wigs, or just unassembled arms and legs and head. lol

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